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Every woman dreams of great and bright love, a reliable man and a strong family. And, of course, many girls want their chosen one to be not only smart and beautiful, but also wealthy. With a sweet paradise and in a hut, only the first year, and then life destroys even the brightest feelings. Therefore, it is not surprising that representatives of the beautiful sex want to meet a rich man.

Where to meet the oligarch? In public transport, they do not travel, eat in expensive restaurants, but rest abroad. Even if you are, it is not a fact that he will be located for acquaintance and further communication. Therefore, the easiest way to find a man for a serious relationship on the  rich guys dating site .

On the dating site you will find many questionnaires interested in communicating men. But how to understand where wealthy foreigners are among them? Pay attention to representatives over 30 years old. Young startups like Mark Zuckerberg are an infrequent phenomenon. Carefully examine the applicants' questionnaires. Wealthy grooms are often given cheap hobbies, such as yachting or golf. But you should be wary if there are too many expensive hobbies. A busy businessman simply does not have enough time for all this.

View all photos. Pay attention to the condition of the nails, watches, clothes. Wealthy foreigners look groomed and stylish.

Well-off foreigners do not suffer from lack of attention. Therefore, conquering them with standard "female" things will not work. Do not show excessive interest in a man. You can mark comments on his photo. But refrain from flattering compliments. If his photo is taken in the city, ask what kind of place it is, admire the architecture. And to the picture in nature you can write something philosophical and poetic at all, for example, note the deep color of the sky.

If communication ensues, do not immediately ask the foreign groom questions about his work, especially about finances. Show your indifference to money. Well-off foreigners, as a rule, are distinguished by a high level of intelligence. Such men are looking for a smart and well-read girl for marriage.